Old Orchard Farm is a private schooling facility located on 227 acres in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. Our intent is to provide an inviting and fun setting for Area 1 riders to train, tune up before shows, or whatever meets their training needs. We are open to horses and trainers from anywhere in the area, and may also be able to offer coaching from our trainer, ICP Level III instructor Nancy Guyotte.



George and Ann Cook- proprietors of Old Orchard farm. George and Ann's involvement in equestrian sports has been steadily increasing since their daughter, Kat Cook, began riding some 20 years ago. Building on their 35-year background of breeding, training, and racing their Alkas’Iber Kennels Siberian Husky sled dogs in long-distance competition, and also exhibiting their dogs in conformation shows, George and Ann found a parallel universe in equestian world. George refers to seasonal transitions as “the changing of the quadrupeds” since equestrian competition winds down just as the sled dog competition gears up. George is responsible for all land-use management decisions for the farm, and is a competitor on multiple horses in both dressage shows and low-level events, and is also an occasional foxhunter. Ann is focusing on mastering her flatwork and enjoying hacks and conditioning rides, while keeping a close eye on the health and well being of all horses and dogs. Ann is also an internationally recognized AKC dog show judge specializing in the northern breeds. 


Kaitlyn Sutherland- Barn Manager at Old Orchard Farm, has an extensive equestrian background anchored by her Equine Management degree from the University of New Hampshire. Kaitlyn has worked at many animal-related venues in New England, caring for dogs, horses, and exotics, and has now been at Old Orchard Farm for 4 years. Experienced in western riding, driving, and now dressage and eventing, she has also mastered the intricacies of competing a mid-distance sled dog team and showing in AKC conformation and companion events with the Alkas’Iber Kennel dogs. 

Kaitlyn is responsible for the daily care and management of all of the Old Orchard Farm animals, and is a rising competitor in both eventing and dressage, having steadily progressed from Beginner Novice to Training in eventing, and now up to First Level dressage. Kaitlyn can, and does, ride every horse in the barn when needed, and is an accomplished groom and competitor at all of our show outings.





Nancy Guyotte- trainer for Old Orchard Farm, is a well-known and respected CCI****rider and judge, and we are fortunate to be able to have her as our trainer. Based in Hill, NH during the summer months,and in Aiken, at Timshel Gardens, during the winter months, Nancy is our physical and spiritual leader in the worlds of eventing and dressage.


Ross Conway, Nanci Mealey, Michelle Gross, Chloe Hood- no farm exists without an army of behind the scenes support from willing workers and volunteers. Ross has the position of farm foreman, and as such is responsible for all of our working and broken equipment, and all of the day to day farm management tasks to keep the operation running and looking good. A graduate of Unity College (ME), Ross comes from a long heritage of NH dairy farming,and is still active in the operation of his family farm here in Jefferson. 
Nanci Mealey is an assistant in the barn dealing primarily with the kennel, but also with the routine care of the horses. Michelle Gross and Chloe Hood are assistants in the barn, though acting primarily as a training riders for several of the horses, including frequent outings as competitiors in both eventing and dressage. 

Veterinary services- all animal operations owe their lives to the diligence of the veterinarians who support the well-being of the competition animals. Doctors Steven Westland DVM, Jill Prince DVM, Kirsten Glass DVM, Grant Myhre BS,DVM,and Lisa Handy VMD, keep us up and running despite all of the problems that we throw at them on a weekly basis!


Meet our horses:


Woodland's Cloudy Spots is where it all began for Old Orchard Farm. Cloudy is a 14.2hh Welsh x Thoroughbred. She was purchased in 1997 for our 9 year old horse crazy daughter who rode her from a Beginner Novice combined test all the way up to Prelim. There is nothing Cloudy enjoys more than having a little girl or boy on her back. Even at the ripe age of 26 she still enjoys teaching her newest young rider the ins and out of the equestrian sport. 




Immortal Truth "Truman" is a 17 year old off the track Thoroughbred. We purchased him as a 4 year old, as our 13 yr old daughter's legs began to outgrow Cloudy. Kat rode up through the ranks from Beginner Novice up to Intermediate. Truman is known to be a cross- country machine and in 2005, Kat made the NAJYRC young rider's team on him. Now a seasoned Veteran, he is competing with Kaitlyn at lower levels.



A.K.A Topper is a 17 year old Imported Irish Sport Horse. At 17.3hh he was one of few horses large enough for his tall rider, George. Topper has been a great eventing companion for a number of years. He has a goofy personality and his favorite food is pitted cherries!








Blackjack's Windston is a 9 year old 3/4 thoroughbred 1/4 Percheron who comes from Sutton, Quebec. We have owned Windston for 4 years, and he is turning into a lovely horse. He can be ridden by everyone in the barn, and is currently competing at Novice eventing and Training level dressage. This summer he also really enjoyed competing in a number of hunter paces. 

Marius Fortis is a 9 year old 1/2 brother to Windston. He is 1/2 Thoroughbred and 1/2 Holsteiner. Marius is well-rounded, having competed in eventing and dressage. He is a gentle and patient schoolmaster. He's been wonderful companion to Ann, who decided a few years ago to join the crowd and get a horse of her own. 






Indian Summer is a 14 year old Throughbred who joined our farm about one year ago. He was an accomplished Novice horse when we got him. Indy and Kaitlyn went into the 2014 show season running; competing in their first 3-day long format; moving up to First Level dressage; and then moving up to Training Level at the fall GMHA horse trials. Indy has a sweet, quirky personality. He will give you his all without asking. 

Baker's Dozen is the newest addition to Old Orchard Farm. He is a 10 year old 18hh Percheron/Thoroughbred who spent his early years learning some dressage and enjoying lush pasture. Baker has been a load of fun and often behaves like a dog more than a horse. He enjoys picking up anything he can get his mouth on and initiates games of tag with his pasture mates. During his first show season, he competed in numerous hunter paces, dressage shows at First Level, and his first schooling event at Huntington Farm. 

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