Fresh Snow!

Such A Perfect Day


Having a rest at 3000 feet.

Finally, all of our snow dances and crossed fingers paid off when we received over a foot of snow on Monday and Tuesday. Our huskies were elated to get out on the fresh snow on Wednesday. They took off through 20 inches of snow like it wasn’t even there, leaving a wake behind them. We had a great 23 mile run scaling Jefferson Notch up to 3000 ft and then back down the other side. Vixen and Nimbus were my star leaders for the day. Vixen’s proud moment was taking a blind Haw (left) command up over a four foot snowbank, when she had to trust that I knew there was a trail on the other side. We had gotten out on the trail late in the day, so our last few miles were run by the light of the moon and stars. Plowing through 20in of unbroken trail.

Our other quadrupeds also enjoyed the aftermath of the blizzard. The remaining four horses, who are currently still waiting their turn to head down to Old Orchard Farm South, had a wonderful time playing and running through the snow. However, they are willing to to give up nightly bran mash and -20 degree temperatures for new turnout in warmer climates.

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